General Turkish Customs Regulations

How to Complete Customs Clearance on Behalf of Cnee ?

To complete customs clearance on behalf of cnee we need their power of attorney issued at Turkish Notary.
This Power Of Attorney allows us to act on behalf of cnee at all Turkish Customs for Import & Export shipments.
Any Freight Forwarder ,Customs Broker or other organization can’t start Customs Clearance if they don’t have this Power of Attorney.

Freetime for Customs Clearance of Import Cargoes ?

Freetime to start customs clearance of Import cargoes is 45 days from the day of arrival as per Turkish Customs Regulations. Importers or their Authorized brokers
can apply for 30 days additional freetime by paying necessary penalty charges which changes according to value of goods. To apply additional freetime the cnee must first
apply forwarder/ carrier to get a copy of the delivery order which will be issued only to apply for additional freetime , not clearance of goods.
If any cargo customs clearance has not started within first 45 days or additional time is not applied then customs announce the goods on the auction list . When goods are announced on auction list cnee & shipper have no more right on the goods.

Estimated Free Time of Arrival

Estimated Time of Arrival shortly named ETA is given without any guarantee .There are many factors which are out of carriers control such as Weather Conditions or Port Conditions.Beside these factors carriers operational and commercial reasons may change the transit time and arrival dates. This must be very well known by all clients and we always warn our clients not to start any arrangement until they get our arrival notice. We send our arrival notices when we get carriers arrival notices and this confirms vessels arrival to port. We clearly declare to all clients that ETA may change and we have no responsibility for this change.

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